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You can use our Quality registry Platform, Reports and Connect services separately, or combined in any way, to fit your needs optimally.

  • Integrated platform for national quality registries
  • Data collection through web form or Connect for both clinical data and patient reported outcome measurements
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Reporting

reports graphic

  • Provides automatically generated graphical reports on organisation’s performance on weekly basis
  • Can be viewed online or sent by email
  • Direct feedback in order to encourage improvement

connect graphic

  • Required data fields from the patient record system are automatically transferred to quality register
  • Enables easy clinical data exchange
  • Reduces double documentation
  • Saves time while increasing the reliability of the data processing
  • Creates a solid base for quality enhancement

nordic hub graphic

  • Enables national quality registries to collaborate on international benchmarks and research
  • Calculates on a patient record level, without the data leaving the country borders
  • Compliant with European privacy and security regulations

ICHOM graphic

  • Connect to the ICHOM benchmark
  • Benchmarking reports, which allow organizations to compare themselves with others
  • Concrete focus points to ameliorate your performance even more

Note that training, implementation, and customer support are always included to all our services.
Our services are modular, which makes it possible to add modules over time.
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