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About MRDM

Since 2012, MRDM has been collecting, managing, and providing a variety of reports regarding patient data and quality of care. We have gained exceptional knowledge on all activities involved in running quality registries in the best way; from development to benchmarking. Internationally, we offer our services in order to increase the quality of care and simultaneously reduce the administrative workload. We do this by transforming clinical data into relevant, trustworthy and objective information to enable healthcare organisations to move forward.

We offer both entire system solutions, as well as modules, including training and support. MRDM builds, hosts and maintains the ICT infrastructure and a service desk, to provide our customers with the best service possible. Our software can be integrated into healthcare platforms, to enable caregivers to spend more time on patients, and less time behind the computer.

MRDM collects, anonymises, aggregates and encrypts all data before it is sent to clients, such as registry holders. When collaborating with MRDM, the healthcare organisation remains the owner of the data, and determines what may be done with their data, and at which point. MRDM only sends data to third parties, e.g. for benchmarking or transparency purposes, if institutions explicitly allow MRDM to do so. Furthermore, MRDM is ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified, and therefore complies with European privacy regulations.

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